About the Project

At 12 years of age, when I lost my mother and father in the same week…I felt abandoned. American history books have abandoned a true American story of a small Black town’s resilience, wealth and destruction.

I’ve received multiple awards and official selections for my script writing but this opportunity to “un-abandon” a child created by America is bigger than awards. This is why I wrote the film, “Tranquil Inferno.”

It's time the story of Black Wall Street becomes a feature film and its history is told. Despite one of the nations wealthiest Black communities being burned down, rebuilt and then destroyed by jealousy, its story holds the key to teaching our youth how they can create a “Black Wall Street” in their minds, homes and communities.

TAJ Productions in association with Change A Man Media Worldwide is producing "Tranquil Inferno", a 45 minute drama about Black Wall Street. This will not be a "what happened" film about Black history but a "how to" film that will teach the current generation what it takes to build wealth, sustain it and how to help each other with it.

Imagine if the African American community embraced investing in the energy, cannabis, education and real estate on a larger collective level? Using those investments to build wealth. That’s one of the main points of interest in this film. This is how they will recreate a “Black Wall Street.”

May 31st 2018, we plan to commemorate the 97th year since the massacre with an amazing film. We’re making the film free to the public so youth and adults of all incomes can view this remarkable production.

The selected director is Chet Brewster. He's worked with Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney, Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry.

Above you'll find a link to our short film about Black Wall Street also called, Tranquil Inferno. We plan to enter production in December. Without awesome people like you donating to making this a feature film, it stands little chance of being accomplished. All contributions are tax-exempt. If you want to contribute, below the video is the sponsorship list.

Be part of change.

Devin T. Robinson X “Egypt”

Writer/Producer of “Tranquil Inferno”

Sponsorship List


Executive Producer Credit
Presented By Credit
Part Of The Film Will Take Place In A Business Of Your Choice.
Product Integration. A product You Create Will Be Placed In The Film As Part

Producer Credit
We Will Use Your Business As B-roll For The Film And/Or Have Actors In Front Of It For An Integral Part Of The Film.
Product Placement: A Product You Create/Own Will Be Used In The Film.
Digital copy of the film when complete.

Producer Credit
Mention Of Your Business/Product In The Film.
Link To Your Business On Our Website.
Vendor Table at All Movie Screenings.
Digital copy of the film when complete.

Thank You In The Film Credits.
Business Logo In The Film Credits.
Your Logo And Link On Official Website.
Digital copy of the film when complete.

A Character Will Be Named After You.
You Get To Portray A Character In The Film.
Digital Copy Of The Film When Complete.

Get To Be An Extra In The Film
Digital Copy Of The Film When Complete.

An Industry Skype Chat With “Egypt” Or Director, Chet Brewster For 15 Minutes.
Digital Copy Of The film When Complete.

Digital Copy Of The Film When Complete.

Honorable Mention In the Film Credits

Thank You From Writer/Producer, “Egypt”