Egypt isn’t controversial, he’s exact and truthful. He doesn’t write books to hurt readers with vicious and malicious points. The goal in his writing is to expose a truth to readers while instilling a sense of critical thinking. Not only will you find his work fun and interesting, you’ll also see how you can afford to break bad habits while living a fun life. 


10 Steps To Get Over AN EX FOR GOOD

The first book to comprehensively teach how to get over an ex in just 10 steps.

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Can you defend why you love someone? Odds are, outside of, “They’re special”, “They make me feel special” or “I’ve known them for ____” most can’t defend their love. This book teaches you how to fall in a lasting love. Not just lust or infatuation disguised as love.

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Change Him…In 100 Pages

A woman’s words can build or destroy a man. This book explains how a woman can construct a healthier dialogue with her mate without deflating his ego.

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